Alpaca wool

Serendipity Organics offers children’s clothing in the most delicate, soft alpaca wool. Alpaca wool is a fantastic natural material that is soft, luxurious and durable. See our new collection of children’s clothing in alpaca wool here on our website, where you can also securely and easily purchase children’s clothes in other natural materials. We have also recreated some of our most popular designs in alpaca wool for women. See sweaters in alpaca wool and other gorgeous organic materials

Children’s clothing in alpaca wool from Serendipity Organics

Serendipity Organics has a wide range of children’s clothing from babies to 12 years in gorgeous alpaca wool. You can see everything in the current collection here on our website. We offer warm, thick sweaters, cardigans and vest for girls and boys, and in baby sizes we have a cute bolero, a lovely warm bodystocking for winter or outwear in the form of mittens, hats or scarves.

Hear more about our children’s clothing in alpaca wool

If you have questions about alpaca wool as a material or about any of our products you are always welcome to contact us for more information. If you wish to purchase our lovely children’s clothing, it’s easy to do so here in our online store. The clothes will be delivered to your door within a few days.