Classic fit bonnet in a lovely warm nutty cashew-brown coloured soft baby-alpaca wool, perfect for both girls and boys. The bonnet has a small pompon on top, covers the ears and can be tied under the chin for a snug and comfortable fit.

Style no.: W765
Fabric: Semi handknitted
Color: Cashew

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Description: Baby Alpaca Bonnet

Premature & Newborn sizes range from 38 - 62 corresponding to the height of the baby in cm (US 15 - 25 inches).

Available sizes:

A = 38 - 50 / 15-20 inches

B = 56 -62 / 22½ - 25 inches

Only the sizes that are shown on the tiles above (''Press a tile below to select your size'') are in stock !

This garment is made from 100 % baby-Alpaca wool.