Classic baby leggings in a lovely warm nutty-brown mélange colour. The super soft leggings has a comfortable elastic in the waist. Made from the organic cotton rib and fully GOTS certified.

Style no.: M205
Fabric: Melange Rib solid fabric
Color: Cashew

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Description: Baby Leggings

Please note that model photos above (if any) may not show the selected colour !

Sizes range from 56 to 92 and represents the height of the child in cm. It corresponds to US sizing as follows:

56 = 1 month
62 = 3 months
68 = 6 months
74 = 9 months
80 = 12 months
86 = 18 months
92 = 2 Years

Only the sizes that are shown on the tiles above (''Press a tile below to select your size'') are in stock !

This garment is made from 100 % organic cotton and is GOTS-certified through the entire production process.