Guide to Certification

A large number of organisations set standards to ensure that defined criteria are met and issue certificates as your guarantee. The below standards are the ones we have chosen to comply with in our pursuit of making Serendipity truly organic and maintaining a high ethical standard.

Global Organic Textile Standard, GOTS

GOTS is the most important Global standard for organic textiles. It has been established to make a common standard that can be recognised and applied to globally. It is currently the strictest internationally recognised certifications for organic practise. GOTS certification applies in all aspects of production.

This means that the cotton plants are grown on fields without use of fertilizers or pesticides, and our spinning mill & dying partners work according to a number of strict criteria in regards to production procedures, use of additives etc. GOTS also includes many of the social criteria set forward in SA8000.

SA8000 Fair Trade

SA8000 is an international standard for Social accountability improving work conditions, based on the principles of the thirteen human rights conventions. This includes ongoing auditing of work places to ensure a number of criteria are adhered to regarding child labour, health and safety, discrimination, disciplinary practise, working hours, wages etc.


Flo-Cert is an internationally recognised Fair Trade certification that also includes SA8000. FLO stands for Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International. In addition to the social accountability set up in SA8000 it guarantees fair trade in the entire production chain.