Natural products

Buy organic, natural products here at Serendipity Organics. In our online store you will always find a large selection of natural products such as baby and children’s clothing, womenswear, bed linen and cushions. All of our cotton textiles are organically certified. See all the natural products from Serendipity Organics here

Children’s clothing made of natural products

All children’s clothing from Serendipity Organics is made from environmentally friendly, natural products. We use only organic natural fibres in all our textiles and all of our organic cotton is also fair-trade certified. When we choose to work with natural products, we do it for the sake of nature, our workers and your child. Because by using natural products, we aren’t just reducing the effect on the environment. We are also ensuring decent working conditions for the people producing our products and we’re ensuring that your child is wearing clothing free from poisonous substances, heavy metals and chemicals.

See our natural products here on our website

In our webshop you will always find a large selection of organic, natural products. Besides modern Scandinavian children’s clothing for boys and girls between 0 and 12 years, we also produce ladies’ clothing in Serendipity Organics’ renowned style. You can buy all of our natural products directly from our online store and have your new goods delivered to your door within a few days. We deliver worldwide.