Organic baby

At Serendipity Organics you will always find a wide range of organic clothing and accessories for babies and older children. You can buy our products directly here from our website and have them delivered direct to your home and your baby. Organic clothing is a good choice, both for your baby and for nature. All Serendipity Organics cotton style clothing is organic – you can find baby and children’s clothing here in our online store

Organic baby

Parents often don’t want their baby to be surrounded by artificial additives and chemicals - therefore many people choose organic options when it comes to cooking, cleaning and personal care. But they often forget about clothing in spite of the fact that traditionally-manufactured clothing often contains chemical traces, heavy metals, formaldehyde and other potentially harmful materials. With clothing from Serendipity Organics you can have an organic baby both inside and outside. And our clothing isn’t just organic; it’s also smart and comfortable.

Much more than organic baby clothing

You can always see our current collection of organic baby clothing here in our online store, where you will also find more information about the natural, organic materials that we use for our clothing. Among other things, you can read more about GOTS-certification which is your guarantee for certified and controlled organic clothing for the youngest member of the family.

Buy clothing for your organic baby online

You can buy your baby’s new organic clothing direct here from our online store, which is quick, easy and secure. Serendipity Organics delivers baby clothing and other organic textiles to happy customers worldwide.