Organic baby clothes

Organic baby clothes without chemicals – see the large selection in Serendipity Organics’ online store. We always have a large selection of organic baby clothing. We have cheap shipping to most countries and quick delivery. See the large selection of organic baby clothes from Serendipity Organics

Organic baby clothes from Serendipity Organics

At Serendipity Organics we have been making baby clothes since 2003. Our focus has always been on producing comfortable clothes in soft, natural materials and without harmful chemicals, heavy metals or AZO dyes. We manufacture so that the production of our baby clothes has the least possible impact on the environment and our production staff work in the best possible conditions. Our textiles are GOTS-certified, a strict international organic certification that is your guarantee that our organic baby clothes meet the strictest production requirements. A portion of our products are SA8000 fairtrade-certified as a guarantee of proper working conditions during the production process.

Organic baby clothes for small boys and girls

Take a look at our online store and see the large selection of smart and comfortable organic baby clothes from Serendipity Organics. We only work with natural materials in the form of organic cotton, organic wool and baby-alpaca wool, and we launch a new collection twice a year. In our online store you will find everything from suits for littlies to dresses, sweaters and trousers. Everything is of course coloured with dyes that are free from harmful chemicals.

Fast delivery of organic baby clothes from Serendipity Organics

From receipt of your order to dispatch of the goods takes between 0-3 working days. Your organic products from Serendipity Organics will always be delivered quickly. Our products are delivered by courier all over the world – always at fixed, low prices.