Organic children’s clothes

You will always find a large selection of organic children’s clothing at Serendipity Organics. Buy organic children’s clothing here in our online store and receive fast delivery across Europe at fixed low prices. Buy organic children’s clothes at Serendipity Organics

Organic children’s clothes from Serendipity Organics

At Serendipity Organics we have made organic children’s clothes since 2003. Our goal is that our clothing should be produced in an environmentally-friendly manner and under fair conditions for workers. And our clothes should of course be free of harmful chemicals, heavy metals etc, so that they are safe for children to wear. We launch two collections of organic children’s clothing a year for boys and girls aged between 0-10 years. You can see and buy the current collection here in our online store.

Certified organic children’s clothes

We use only natural fibres such as wool and cotton to ensure the best possible comfort and environmental friendliness in all our products. All of our cotton is 100% GOTS-certified, which is a strict international standard for organic textiles. This is your guarantee that the cotton is grown without the use of fertilizer and pesticides and that the spinning and dyeing processes also comply with strict organic requirements. In addition, the GOTS-standard sets a range of ethical and social requirements which help to guarantee safe and proper conditions for factory workers. You can see our entire range of organic baby clothes her on the website – take a look around and be inspired.