Organic cotton

Find gorgeous clothing for children in certified organic cotton here. At Serendipity Organics you will always find a large selection of apparel and accessories in 100% fairtrade-certified and organic cotton. You can see the large selection here in our online store. See gorgeous clothing for children and adults in certified organic cotton here

GOTS-Certified organic cotton

All of the cotton styles from Serendipity Organics are 100% GOTS-certified organic. GOTS is the most important international standard for organic textiles and is your guarantee that the entire production process lives up to strict organic criteria. GOTS-certified organic cotton is grown without pesticides and fertilizers and both the spinning and dyeing processes also meet strict organic criteria. Additionally, GOTS-certification contains social and ethical criteria that help to ensure proper conditions for production workers.

Why organic cotton?

When you buy organic cotton clothes you are not just ensuring an environmentally friendly and responsible production process. You can also be sure that the clothes do not contain harmful chemicals, AZO-dyes or heavy metals that some traditionally produced clothing can contain.

Buy clothes in 100% organic cotton for your child

In Serendipity Organics’ online store you can find a large selection of clothing in organic cotton for children aged from 0-10 years. We also stock a small range of products for women, and home wear in the form of bed linen and pillows, amongst other things.