Organic wool

Serendipity Organics stocks a range of products in beautiful, organically-certified wool. Take a look at our online store and find clothes for children in warm and comfortable organic wool/silk blends. See our clothes in organic wool and other organic materials

Why organic wool?

Traditional production of clothing and textiles is bad for the environment and typically also for the health of the production workers. At the same time, traditional textile production processes also contain harmful chemicals, heavy metals and poisons. It is therefore a good idea, not only for the sake of the environment, but for your own health, to choose clothing made from organic textiles. Organic wool is a fantastic natural material with unique isolation properties and high durability. At Serendipity Organics you will find a large selection of organic wool.

Organic wool from Serendipity Organics

All of the organic wool from Serendipity Organics is certified according to USDA and NASAA international organic standards. The spinning process and dyeing are GOTS-certified, which guarantees that no substances which are harmful to either the environment or human health are used in production.

Buy organic wool clothing online

You can buy all of our products in organic wool directly here from our online store. We deliver by courier to most countries and send your goods within 3 days of receiving your order. Take a look at our online store and let yourself be tempted.