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Serendipity Organics is fashionable natural wear for babies and children 0 - 11 years.

Our clothes are styled according to our Scandinavian design heritage with clean lines and functional, simple features. We believe it is an ideal design tradition also when designing childrens' clothing: we want the child to wear the clothes and not the other way around.

Fabric qualities and thus the feel of the garment is essential to us - clothes have to be comfortable! We ensure this by focusing on ergonomic fit in a fashion context, natural fibres and the finest processing. All our cotton styles are GOTS and Fair Trade (SA8000) certified as 100 % organic as your guarantee, that our clothes are not harmful to your childs' skin, production is done as environmentally friendly as can possibly be and the people involved in the production have been treated well.

Our Alpaca & Ilama wool styles are made from the finest 100 % baby-Alpaca & Ilama wool fibres. It is presently not possible to have our Alpaca & Illama production certified as organic. They live without fencing - this alone makes certification impossible, but we of course strive to maintain thesame high standards when producing Alpaca & Ilama wool products as we do under GOTS and SA8000 certification.

Our unique processing of the organic cotton fibres involves dying of the raw fibres (as opposed to dying yarn, fabric or even garment) - result being long lasting colours and the softest fabrics imaginable... We always also pre-wash fabrics to ensure minimum shrinkage and perfect fit.

We hope you and your child will enjoy the softest clothing from Serendipity.