Serendipity standards and quality

All Serendipity cotton styles - are made from 100% organic cotton yarns that are GOTS certified and our products are also GOTS certified in full finish. This means the entire production process from cotton growth and spinning to finished production live up to the standards set forward in Global Organic Textile Standards. Only exception is our All-over-flora print on sweat. It is fully organic certified, but the digital printing as its own process is not certified. Low impact colours are used and the prints are fuly tested and live up to the strictest regulations. These garments can at the moment not be GOTS certified. We hope so in the future. This will be clearly marked on each garment.

Filling in all our quilted products is 100% organic cotton and GOTS certified.

Furthermore, all cotton garments are Fair Trade certified (SA 8000). Our cotton suppliers are also Flo-Cert certified that guarantees fair trade in the entire production chain.

Serendipity also offers a delicate hand-picked selection of styles made of Baby Alpaca Wool from Bolivia in our winter collection. Our Baby-Alpaca wool is not certified but so to speak naturally organic and bears the unique qualities of the alpacas living in the Andes Mountains in herds at an altitude of 3.500 m - 5000 m above sea level. Baby-alpaca wool means the softest wool from Alpacas, which is also very light and the fibres are strong and resilient. It is an extremely effective insulator in winter and breathes effectively to keep you cool in warmer months. Alpaca wool is also very allergy-friendly and therefore an attractive alternative to sensitive skin because it bears no lanolin.

The extra softness of Serendipity

Serendipity fabrics are the basis of our designs. We create, choose and produce our fabric designs and colours to match for each collection, and to ensure the uniqueness of Serendipity design. Our fabric qualities are carefully selected to comply with our clear and pure line and the extra softness of Serendipity design.

Serendipity knitted garments such as our tees, leggings, sweat & velour styles are made from melange yarns, where each fiber is dyed - as opposed to dying the yarn, fabric og even garment. The result is fabrics with amazing softness.It also means that even solid melange coloured garments have a deep long-lasting colour.

The natural alternative

We love natural materials! This means, if we can find an alternative to artificial materials for trimmings etc. - we do. All buttons are made from either seashell - coconut or taugua nut. When a natural alternative is not possible as for Zippers and push buttons, we are careful to choose products that are nickel free and YKK approved.

Production places

All Serendipity cotton styles are produced in India, where our certified organic cotton is also grown. This means the entire production from growth of cotton and production of textiles to the finished garment is produced in one area thus avoiding excess transportation.

Our Alpaca & Ilama wool styles are semihandmade or fully handmade in Bolivia. The knits are following the traditional way of producing in Bolivia: Small communities of 10-12 Bolivian ladies are knitting in groups and with the children around them. They are carefully taught the styles and are quality checked by a team of other Bolivian ladies in charge of production. The yarns are either from Bolivia or Peru.