Sustainable products

Buy organic, sustainable products at Serendipity Organics – we sell children’s clothing, baby clothing, home wear, accessories and womenswear, all in Serendipity Organics’ renowned, high quality. All of our sustainable products can be purchased here in the online store. See all the gorgeous, sustainable products from Serendipity Organics here

Sustainable products from Serendipity Organics

At Serendipity Organics we strive to manufacture products from materials that have the least possible impact on nature. We also aim to have them produced in the best possible conditions for laborers. Therefore all of our cotton is fairtrade certified. We have been producing a range of clothing and home wear in organic natural fibres and only coloured with AZO-free, GOTS-certified dyes –for nature’s sake and for the sake of your child - for years. You can read more about our sustainable products and goals here on our website, where you can also see our entire collection of baby and children’s clothing, home wear and womenswear.

Buy your sustainable products online

All of our sustainable products can be purchased here from our online store. You can always see which sizes and colours we have in stock and payment is easy and secure with most credit cards. Once you have ordered your sustainable products from Serendipity Organics, they will be packaged and shipped within 3 working days. So when you buy sustainability from us, you will have it delivered to your door within just a few days. We have happy customers around the world and we look forward to welcoming you as yet another satisfied Serendipity Organics customer.