Terms and Conditions

To do a purchase in our store, you must be minimum 18 years of age, or have the explicit approval from a parent. If you, as a parent, experience that your child has made a purchase with us without your approval, please contact us either by email or telephone and we will immediately cancel the order.

Email: service@serendipity-organics.com
Tel. +45 4692 0433

The same applies if you have made an order by mistake, please contact us, and we will immediately change/cancel the order. However, if the order has already been processed and shipped, normal return policies apply – see below.


All prices are in Euro incl. 25 % Danish VAT. When shipping outside the European Union, the 25 % VAT will be deducted and is not payable (you will not see this before you have entered your shipping data!). Please note that all children sizes are divided into 2 price categories. The lower ranging from size 92 to 110 (2 - 5 years) and the higher from size 116-146 (6 - 11 years).

We are able to process the following payment methods / debit and credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, American Express and Paypal. Your card payment will be processed only after your order is shipped.


Delivery for the holidays:
If you wish to make sure that your purchase arrives in due time for Christmas 2021 we reccomend that you order latest before noon 17 December 2021.
This is our recommendation, regrettably we cannot guarantee delivery in-time once your order has been shipped and passed over to the chosen forwarder.

We ship insured with FedEx International Economy, DHL or UPS Standard.

EU shipping:

We ship FREIGHT FREE within the EU (all countries) if your ordervalue (excl. shipping cost) exceeds 100 EUR ! For orders below 100 EUR we offer an attractive flat rate shipping price within all of the EU of 6 EUR.

Worldwide shipping:

Orders to be delivered outside the EU, we offer to ship WORLDWIDE at attractive rates ranging from 9 - 32 EUR.

Shipping rates

If you are able to have us ship to a company address, this may be the most comfortable way to receive the goods. If we ship to your home address, please follow the shipment through the receipt-email (tracking #) sent by our freight partner. If it becomes obvious, that you will not be able to be at home when the parcel arrives, you should either contact the freight company and arrange for later delivery or write a power of attorney, authorizing the courier to leave the parcel outside – at a place described by you. You should only do this if you are willing to take responsibility for the parcel from then on.


If you for some reason regret your purchase after having received the goods, we offer a 14 days full right to return the bought items and receive a full refund excl. the freight cost though, which will be deducted. See freight prises above in section "Delivery". The amount will be credited your account within 1-7 days, after we have received your return.

Christmas 2021: All items ordered in November and December 2021 have prolonged return right and can be returned untill 10. January 2022. Stock sale excempted!

Fill in the Return form, which followed with your goods and enclose it in your return parcel.You can also download and print the form here

We will also ask you to arrange and pay for the return freight. Please note, you are welcome to send as a Letter (if possible), but this is then done un-insured, and you are responsible for the shipment! Please send with delivery at our office address. Parcels sent to a pick-up address will NOT be collected but returned to you!

Send return parcel to:

Serendipity ApS.
Dyrehavevej 10
2930 Klampenborg

Tel: +45 4692 0433
Email: service@serendipity-organics.com

A return will only be accepted as such if the articles have NOT been used, are placed inside the original packaging and labels still being on the garments! If you return articles that have made you eligible to freight free shipping - which you would otherwise not have been - your return payment will be deducted accordingly (appropiate shipping cost deducted).


If you have purchased an item in the wrong size our normal return policy applies. Please return the item (-s) in question together with a return form, which followed the original shipment. When we receive the return, we will send you a credit note per email and return the credit amount to your payment method. Please do a new purchase in our online store to get the right size.


If you receive an item which in any way is defect, you should fill in the return form, which followed with your goods and return the item to us. Danish legislation allows for a complaint due to a defect in a delivered product to be enforced up to 24 months after the purchase. Please note however, that normal "wear and tear" does NOTjustify a complaint for defect! If we, after having inspected the defect article, agree that it is indeed a defect (if in doubt before returning, please consult us by email or telephone before returning the goods !), You will be re-imbursed an amount equal to your original shipping cost when purchasing the article. If you originally purchased more than the one defect article in question, you will be re-imbursed an amount equal to what the shipping cost had been, had it been shipped as a single-pcs. shipment. See freight costs here. Remember again, that if your return shipment is sent as a letter, you are held responsible if the parcel does not arrive with us. If we are able to replace the defect article with a normal article, we will send this to you adding no freight cost. If we are not able to deliver such replacement, we will refund your entire purchase amount (for the defect article in question) – incl. an amount equal to the cost of shipping had it been shipped as a single item shipment.

If an item is missing in your shipment, please contact us and we will investigate and get back to you within 1 -3 days.

Personal data protection

We are required to tell you, that when you have entered your personal data into our system to do a purchase, we keep this information in our database. Mostly because we hope to see you again and you will then be able to do your purchase using a pre-filled in purchase form which of course is more convenient. If you do not want us to keep your data, please send us a mail at service@serendipity-organics.com and your data will be erased.

Technical description of our handling of personal data

All traces of visits to our Online Store is saved in the webserver logfiles also the IP address of the visitors. We primarily use the logfiles to optimize the site and correct errors. Logfiles enable us to bettter understand how you as a website user prefer to navigate through our site.

The personal data you enter when ordering is treated as confidential information both by ourselves and by our hosting partner, and the data is not accessible to any third party. We do not pass on or sell the information to any third party either. However, data may be handed over to a Danish authority if required and if in accordance with Danish legislation.

Data we do NOT keep in our databases are your debit and/or credit card information. This data is erased immediately after the purchase amount has been debited your card. Our payment solution is operated by NETS (formerly PBS) the national Danish payment service provider. All communication between our payment solution, NETS and your card provider is done through a link which is SSL encrypted. The payment solution is installed on highly secured computers in a designated server room with fire protection (Inergen), alarm systems, emergency power supply and airconditioning. The system is electronically monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Copenhagen, August 2019

Info on where to complain

We hope you are happy with first of all the goods you have (hopefully) received, but also with the process you have been through making the purchase in our store and receiving the parcel. If not, we hope you will contact us and jointly hopefully resolve all issues there may be. Should this unexpectedly not resolve all issues, you can file a formal complaint with the Danish public authority “Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsens” Center for complaints, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby, Denmark. Online complaint entry can be made here: www.forbrug.dk.

The EU Commission online complaint portal can also be used to file complaints at http://ec.europa.eu/odr.

If you file a complaint in either portal, you should enter our email address for reference: service@serendipity-organics.com.
Read more about complaining in the EU at Consumer Europes homepage here.